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Chattanooga's #1 Home Improvement Partner

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Man working  on a roof repair in Chattanooga, TN.

At The Home Source Network, our mission is more than just connecting customers with services; it's about building a trusted community of local professionals committed to excellence.


Rooted in the heart of Chattanooga, we've curated a network that includes some of the most reputable businesses in the area. Our aim is to ensure that every referral meets not just the minimum inspection standards, but exceeds your expectations in quality and workmanship.

Building Strong Foundations

The entryway to a one hundred year old Chattanooga home.
New Kitchen Remodel in a one hundred year old Chattanooga, TN Home.
Multi-Level Deck Replacement in Hixson, TN

The Power of Referrals in Our Network

Referrals are the cornerstone of our network.

Imagine you're in a club where everyone helps each other out. For customers, it's like having a list of the best helpers who've been checked to make sure they're good at what they do. This means you can trust them to do a great job. For businesses, being in this club makes them more popular and lets them grow because they're recommended by friends. And for the whole town, it's awesome because when businesses do well, the town does too. Plus, it's like everyone's working together, making things better for each other.

A carpenter stands with his back to the camera and a toolbelt with hammer, level, and other tools in focus.
HVAC Repair Team works on an air conditioner near Gunbarrel road.

We rigorously vet each contractor, requiring proof of license, insurance, and bonding, alongside documented projects with positive customer feedback, to uphold our quality standards.

The vetting process is like making sure only the best players get on a sports team. It means checking that professionals who join the referral network are really good at what they do, like having the right skills and being trustworthy. This way, customers can be sure they're getting help from the best, businesses feel proud to be recognized for their hard work, and the whole community benefits because only the top-notch services are recommended. It's a bit like having a guarantee that you're getting quality help.

The Referral Process

Let's get your application started.

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