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Georgia Service Areas

Rock Springs

A serene community offering peaceful rural living with easy access to outdoor recreation and the amenities of nearby larger cities.


Surrounded by natural beauty, Trenton serves as the county seat of Dade County and offers access to the scenic Lookout Mountain and Cloudland Canyon State Park.


Famous for its historic downtown and the picturesque Chattooga County Courthouse, Summerville is a gateway to outdoor adventures and Southern hospitality.


A quaint city with a welcoming small-town charm, Lafayette offers local shopping, dining, and access to outdoor adventures in the surrounding countryside.


Known as the "Carpet Capital of the World," Dalton combines its rich industrial heritage with cultural attractions and outdoor activities.

Tunnel Hill

Features the historic Western & Atlantic Railroad Tunnel, offering visitors a unique glimpse into the area's railroad and Civil War history.


Famous for the Chickamauga Battlefield, this city is steeped in Civil War history and surrounded by natural beauty, offering educational and recreational opportunities.

Rocky Face

Named for its distinctive rocky facade, this area is known for outdoor activities with picturesque trails and views, ideal for hiking and nature enthusiasts.


Home to the John Ross House, Rossville offers a blend of historical sites and community parks, nestled in the foothills of Northwest Georgia.

Fort Oglethorpe

A city with rich military history, located near the Chickamauga Battlefield, offering parks, museums, and memorials dedicated to American soldiers.


Known for its historic downtown and Civil War history, Ringgold is a charming city that serves as a gateway to the scenic beauty of Northwest Georgia.

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