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We're honored your home inspector sent you to us.


That kind of referral means a lot coming from people who have  seen the best (and the worst) of every headache a homeowner can imagine.

Fill out the form below, tell us how to get in contact, and authorize access to your home inspection report, giving us crucial information to provide an accurate quote and timely repairs.

Shoot us a message below.

In many cases, we can request the inspection report directly from the home inspector you've worked with. We can also upload the report using the form below.

We'll request your inspection report

Our quotes are typically issued the same day for most issues and most quotes can be given without visiting the site, as the home inspection is usually sufficient in detail to inform us of the issue.

We'll give you a quote.

Were you referred to us by a your home inspector to remedy a failed home inspection?

Safety Hazards

This includes loose handrails, missing smoke detectors, and high levels of radon or carbon monoxide.

HVAC System

Inefficient or broken heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Plumbing Problems

Leaky pipes, poor water pressure, or malfunctioning water heaters.

Electrical Systems

Outdated wiring, insufficient electrical service, exposed wiring, and non-functioning outlets and switches.

Water Damage

Signs of past or current water damage, including mold, mildew, or water stains on ceilings and walls.

Structural Issues

Problems with the foundation, roof, walls, or floors can be a significant concern. These include cracks in the foundation, missing roof shingles, or sagging floor joists.


Keep detailed records of all repairs, including contracts, receipts, and before-and-after photos. This documentation can be essential for the appraisal process and for satisfying loan requirements.


Once repairs are completed, arrange for a re-inspection to ensure all issues have been adequately addressed. This is crucial for meeting USDA and FHA loan requirements.

Stay Informed

Keep in regular contact with your contractor to stay updated on the progress of the repairs. Being proactive can help identify and resolve any issues that arise during the repair process.

Schedule Promptly

Once you've identified a contractor, schedule the repairs as soon as possible to avoid delays in closing.

Prioritize Repairs

Focus on repairs that are critical for passing USDA or FHA inspections. Your real estate agent or a knowledgeable contractor can help you understand which issues are most likely to affect loan approval.

Common Problems

Ensuring Timely Closure

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